A boat out of Water!

A boat out of Water!

Monday 27th March 2017

On Monday the Southern Explorer came out of the water and up the Slipway in Port Fairy. This is quite the sight to see, and usually attracts a little attention. The boat looks so much bigger when out of the water (and reminds me of the build that took place here on the farm - what a strange sight a large boat was in a paddock!)

This happens once a year so that checks can be made to the hull of the boat, repairs and maintenece can be carried out and the hull can be resprayed with anti-foul. Each year anti-foul (a thick black rubbery like paint) is painted onto the hull, and as the name suggests this prevents the hull from fouling up by preventing the growth of algae.

The timing of the boat going up the Slipway needs to be carefully timed, being a big boat the tide needs to be high to ensure she can get up onto the Slipway without any trouble, sometimes this means going up in the night time but this time round we were able to do it around midday.

This time round the prop was removed and some small repairs were made to it, now she looks as good as new!

On Wednesday the boat was off land and back into the water, ready for Charters and the year ahead!

A fitting end to the King Island Charter season!
A Great Day out on the Ocean!

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