A weekend of Tuna Fishing


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June 2017

Tuna Fishing Charters


Last weekend we had two full days of Tuna Fishing booked in and we had everything crossed for good weather. Thankfully we were able to head out both days and catch some fish.

Saturday we had calm seas and after a fresh start the sun shone down on us. Onboard we had a group of men eager to land some Tuna. Whilst we had to work mighty hard to get onto them, come the end of the day everyone on board had landed a good school sized Tuna and headed home with a future feed of Tuna!

Sunday the seas weren't quite so kind to us and whilst they weren't wild and we were able to go ahead, there was a bit of chop that caused some people on board to get Sea Sick. We had a family of 4 tourists and a second group of 2 from Ballarat. Again the Tuna made us work for them, but everyone went home happy after each group on board landed 2 Tuna.

We were pleased to receive an email the next day from the family who got a little unwell, thanking us for the day and saying how much they enjoyed! Obviously catching fish outweighed the shaky sea legs.

Thank you all for joining us on your Tuna Fishing Charters, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and cook up some lovely Tuna dishes!

Slow day of Fishing
A hard earned catch of Tuna

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