Bluefin Tuna Delight


Saturday 3rd June

Tuna Fishing Charter


On Saturday we had a group of 12 on board for a Tuna Fishing experience. We were treated to a day of sunshine and calm seas which made for an enjoyable day for all.

We headed out towards the shelf on the hunt for some bird action. The Tuna made us work hard for them and eventually we managed to hook up and land a couple of school sized Bluefin tuna. 

We headed West towards Portland on our search and managed a 5 way hook up! Lots of action for all on board. Whilst we didn't manage to find a 'barrell tuna' as the customers had hoped - we finished the day with 9 Bluefin Tuna, meaning a good feed for all on board and happy customers non the less.

Its the hope for lots of anglers to land a 'barrell' and hey we'd love to land one too, but the truth is that you just never know when one is going to come through and take your lure. There are no guarantees and it really is luck that plays a huge part in it! Don't let that deter you though - as the saying goes 'you've gotta be in it to win it' - so why not join us for a Tuna fishing charter - you never know what might take your line!

Contact Mary Ann to book a charter today 55983112 or 0429983112

A hard earned catch of Tuna
A Sunday on the water delivered the Tuna!

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