King Island Dive Adventure

King Island Dive Adventure

10th-13th March 2017

King Island Adventure Charter

We have just returned from a great trip to King Island with a fantastic group from the Warrnambool Sub Aqua Club. They wanted to explore the island from a different angle-underwater. The sea conditions were in our favour the entire trip, even though there were strong winds on the East side of the island, we could still dive off the West side. There is always somewhere to get shelter around King Island depending on wind direction.



We headed off from Port Fairy on Thursday night and travelled overnight to King Island. The group were able to sleep on the way in our comfortable bunks.

We arrived at King Island on Friday morning and the group had a dive on the East side of the island, along with some fishing. There is always good fishing available around the island. The divers saw a lot of abalone on their first dive.

We arrived at Grassy Harbour in the afternoon, where the group unloaded their dive equipment into their van, so they could dive off the island on the Saturday.


Meanwhile the crew had a well deserved rest, fishing out of Grassy, catching Sweep and Flathead, with the Flathead coming up two at a time. While in the harbour at night with a light, Jack Mackerel was caught.

Next morning while waiting for the group to arrive, we were entertained by the Searoad Mersey bringing in the weekly supplies for King Island. Cattle,cheese and other Island produce was then loaded onto the Searoad bound for Tasmania and the mainland.


During this Long weekend each year a yacht race occurs from Queensliffe to King Island - we were also lucky enough to witness lots of these yachts arriving at King Island.


In the afternoon we headed up the West coast past Currie towards Phoques Bay. On the way the group had one last dive coming up with some nice crayfish. That night while anchored in Phoques Bay, Mark cooked up some delicious Alabone- (I always thought Alabone was like boot leather, but I have changed my opinion now! Amazing what a defference it makes when its cooked up proeperly).


Come Monday morning we headed off back to Port Fairy, trolling part of the way. We caught a salmon and lost three good tuna - theres always next time though!


In all it was an absolute pleasure having Mark, Gary, Linda, Victoria, Nicole, Jeff and Andrew on board.

A big thank you from all the crew : Barry, MaryAnn, Ian and Paul.




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A Great Day out on the Ocean!
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