Slow day of Fishing


Saturday 17th June

Tuna Fishing Charter


Last Saturday we headed out with a group in search of Tuna. Michael had booked the charter and was bringing along his father, who was formaly a charter operator in New Zealand. We had favorable weather conditions which made for a pleasant day in the water.

The Tuna made us work hard and whilst we could see signs of them, we had very little luck managing to hook one. We finished the day with just one school sized Tuna, caught by Michael. His father on the other hand spent most of the day in the wheelhouse with Captain Barry, chatting all things boats and fishing.


Unfortunatley we are in for a wild and windy weekend on the sea - so we will not be running any charters this weekend (24th-25th June) there are more booked in on coming weekends so give Mary Ann a call to book a place 0429983112



Chilly start to an action packed day
A weekend of Tuna Fishing

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