The Tuna have arrived!

The Tuna have arrived!

Tuna Charter

Saturday 29th April 2017


Today we headed out for a Tuna Charter. It was a little chilly and drizzly and the sea conditions were not perfect but that didn't stop us from having a great day fishing!

We were joined by Geoff with a group of mates from Beaufort area, along with Ray from Warrnambool.

The Tuna certainly turned it on for us as they came to the party (our lines) and kept everyone busy reeling them in! The boys all had a great time - bagging out on school sized Bluefin Tuna. We kept enough for what the men could use and the rest were returned to the ocean.


If you are keen to get amongst the Tuna Fishing action here in Port Fairy be sure to give Mary Ann a call to book your place on our next charter! ph: 0429983112

King Island adventure fishing success!

King Island adventure fishing success!

23rd-27th February 2017

Onbaord our recent trip to King Island we had a group of 10 happy fisherman, keen to see the sights and catch some fish off King Island.

We departed the wharf at Port Fairy on the Thursday night at 10pm, allowing the group to sleep the night away in the comfy bunk quarters whilst we travelled to King Island. This set up seemed to work much better and we didn't loose a day travelling so we may continue this arangement for future trips!

The group arrived at King Island the following morning and started fishing on the reef. The group caught plenty of good sized Flathead with one of the fishermen using his chef skills to cook dinner for the group that night at Waverider Lodge, on King Island.

There were no sightings of Kingfish on the sounder on the Friday but the crew were hopefull they'd find some over the weekend.

After the first day we of fishing we off loaded the passengers at Grassy Harbour, while the crew headed to Naracoopa to anchor for the night.


In the morning, to our surprise we found a Shearwater sheltering in the anchor well. It was successfully released after it stretched its wings and flew off.


On Saturday the crew went fishing off Naracoopa, while all the passengers used their hire car and had a good look around King Island. Visting the sights and attractions that King Island had to offer. They picked up treats from the King Island Cheese Shop.


Come Sunday Morning the wind was getting stronger from the south east, so we picked up our passengers and headed west into deeper water, where we got on to some good School Shark, Jackass Morwong and a big Nannygai. We still didn't find any Tassie Trumpeter but it is only a matter of time before we do, and we look forward to trying again next trip to the island. With sea conditions worsening throughout the day, we headed to the Northwest tip of the island where we anchored in Phoques Bay for the night.


On Monday we headed home early with sea conditions improving all the way back to Port Fairy. On the way we trawled for Tuna and managed to land another 26kg Southern Bluefin Tuna, to the delight of everyone on board. Another fantastic King Island Trip!

Overnight Fishing Adventure

Overnight Fishing Adventure

28-29th January 2017


We had a very eventful Overnight trip on the weekend. Fishing the deeper reefs and out wide over the Continental Shelf we ended up with 10 different species of fish. We also managed to hook two big Makos with one spitting the hook and the other cutting the wire trace. The Mako did put on a good show for us, coming out of the water a couple of times, to the delight of all on board.


Overnight when trying for a Broadbill we ended up losing our baits to two Blue Shark which were released.


Species caught for the weekend were : Jackass Morwong, Nannygai,Flying Gurnard,Couta,Rock Cod,Gemfish,Snook.Flathead, Pink Ling, Silver Dory and Blue Shark.


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