Bucks party celebrations with a day of fishing

Bucks party celebrations with a day of fishing
2nd Macrh 2017

8 hour reef fishing charter

We had a lively bunch of lads from Western Victoria on board on Thursday celebrating a Bucks Party with an 8hr reef fishing charter. It was not a perfect sea but every one still enjoyed their fish on the deeper reefs off Port Fairy.

The beers flowed and the reels were kept working, as the fishing action continued throughout the day. Jackass morwong, Nannygai, Rock Cod, Flying Gurnard, Flathead and a small Mako were all landed. To top it off we struck a school of salmon and the boys had a ball catching Salmon a plenty,  up to 3 kg.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate boys, and all the best for the upcoming nuptuals. 

Overnight Fishing Adventure

Overnight Fishing Adventure

28-29th January 2017


We had a very eventful Overnight trip on the weekend. Fishing the deeper reefs and out wide over the Continental Shelf we ended up with 10 different species of fish. We also managed to hook two big Makos with one spitting the hook and the other cutting the wire trace. The Mako did put on a good show for us, coming out of the water a couple of times, to the delight of all on board.


Overnight when trying for a Broadbill we ended up losing our baits to two Blue Shark which were released.


Species caught for the weekend were : Jackass Morwong, Nannygai,Flying Gurnard,Couta,Rock Cod,Gemfish,Snook.Flathead, Pink Ling, Silver Dory and Blue Shark.


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