Christmas breakup parties on the water


Friday 22nd December

Two 5 Hour Reef Fishing Charters

With settled seas we had two Christmas Breakup groups from Warrnambool join us for festive celebrations on the boat yesterday.

Xavier’s Bricklayers joined us for a morning 5hr reef fishing charter  & Tim Boyle Panels joined us for an afternoon  5 Hour Reef Fishing Charter.

The groups fished and caught Snapper up to 57cm to the satisfaction of the fishermen.

The boys enjoyed their beers and the BBQ had a workout cooking for the two separate groups.

We're glad Xavier caught some snapper for his mother to enjoy.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate the end of the working year fellas - enjoy your fish and the rest of your festive celebrations. 

End of harvest celebration on the water!


8 hr Reef Fishing Charter

Monday 18th December

With perfect weather and a perfect sea, Phil and the boys from Kaniva, joined us on the water on Monday and had a great day of fishing. They thought a day fishing at Port Fairy, on board the “Southern Explorer” would be a great way to celebrate the end of Harvest, and the day did not disappoint.

Snapper were again on the bite, along with one sizeable flathead (56cm). To add to the excitement of the day, they caught two 7- gilled shark, which were successfully released from the marlin board with no harm done.

All up top day with top blokes. Thanks for joining us at Southern Coast Charters!


Dream day on the Water


Half Day Reef Fishing Charter

13th December 2017

Fishing Charters are not limited to weekends, if you happen to have some time through the week, the conditions are often perfect to ehad out on the water.

Yesterday we headed out on a half day reef fishing charter off Port Fairy with a mixed group of fisherpeople! The day did not disappoint and was one of those days that fisherman dream of!

We fished the morning away and bagged out on good pan sized Snapper. For some it was their first ever fish they had caught, and caused much delight. Memories were certainly made, and full tummies to come as they eat through their catch. The group all left happy with their catch - with almost 60 fish caught for the day (some were released)

With the sun shining down and flat seas, what more could anyone ask for?

If you are keen to fill your plate with fresh Snapper, join us for a Reef Fishing Charter! Give Mary Ann a call on 0429983112 or 55983112

Snapper on the bite = happy fisherman


Wednesday 15th November 2017

5 Hour Reef Fishng Charter


After a warm few days and with another nice morning forecast ahead of the rain, we headed out with a group of eager fishermen and their carers for a 5 hour reef fishing charter. We explored the shallower reefs closer to Port Fairy and with the sea warming up there are more snapper moving into shallower waters.

This made for a very relaxcing and exciting morning for all on board as they caught many Snapper. Good pan size snapper was caught with one double header.

The sea was perfect for the group and they returned to shore very satisfied with their mornings efforts. No doubt Snapper was on the menu last night!


Overnight fishing success


Overnight Fishing Charter

Sunday 5th November 2017


Keen to get some mates together and spend some time fishing and catching up? Then an overnight fishing charter is a great idea and thats exactly what the group of 6 mates from Melbourne did on Sunday-Monday!


With a great bunch of blokes we headed off from Port Fairy on Sunday morning and had an enjoyable couple of days on the water, spending overnight in a sheltered area.


With a South Easterly blowing, it made fishing very hard, although we did catch some very good fish, including Snapper, Rock Cod and a fine specimen of Rock Flathead.


The boys enjoying the roe cooked up in the evening, along with a hot meal that Mary Ann had supplied us & a glass or 2 of wine. Everyone slept well in our bunk rooms and was up to enjoy some more fishing on Monday morning.


It was also Decky Ian’s birthday and all devoured the cake whipped up by MaryAnn.


Copyright: 2017 Southern Coast Charters

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