Bluefin Tuna Delight


Saturday 3rd June

Tuna Fishing Charter


On Saturday we had a group of 12 on board for a Tuna Fishing experience. We were treated to a day of sunshine and calm seas which made for an enjoyable day for all.

We headed out towards the shelf on the hunt for some bird action. The Tuna made us work hard for them and eventually we managed to hook up and land a couple of school sized Bluefin tuna. 

We headed West towards Portland on our search and managed a 5 way hook up! Lots of action for all on board. Whilst we didn't manage to find a 'barrell tuna' as the customers had hoped - we finished the day with 9 Bluefin Tuna, meaning a good feed for all on board and happy customers non the less.

Its the hope for lots of anglers to land a 'barrell' and hey we'd love to land one too, but the truth is that you just never know when one is going to come through and take your lure. There are no guarantees and it really is luck that plays a huge part in it! Don't let that deter you though - as the saying goes 'you've gotta be in it to win it' - so why not join us for a Tuna fishing charter - you never know what might take your line!

Contact Mary Ann to book a charter today 55983112 or 0429983112

A Sunday on the water delivered the Tuna!


Sunday 21st May 2017

Tuna Fishing Charter


On Sunday we headed out Tuna Fishing with a group from Melbourne. We had a good day on the water with good sea conditions, which was ideal for Tuna fishing.

We travelled out towards the shelf and it wasn't long before the boys were busy reeling in Tuna.

The boys took home a good feed of Tuna between them.

Sunday also happened to be Jason our Deckies' birthday and he enjoyed it with a day on the water, along with Deckie Ian’s company.

Now is the perfect time for Tuna Fishing! give Mary Ann a call to book your charter on 0429 983 112 or 55983112

or you can find more information here

Post wedding celebrations onboard the Southern Explorer

Post wedding celebrations onboard the Southern Explorer

Monday 1st May

5hr Reef Fishing 


Matt & Sharna were married near Pea Soup Bay on Saturday and celebrated their second day of marriage, with their relations and friends, on a 5 Hour Reef fishing charter. Despite the forecast for strong winds the group were not hesitant in enjoying their time out on the ocean. Thankfully, although a little choppy we were finsihed fishing and back on dry land before the weather change really hit!


The fish were biting right throughout the morning, whihc kept everyone busy! Landed were an impressive Morwong, a good feed of Snapper, some Rock Cod and Couta.

After lunch, once back at dock most of the group headed back to sunny Swan Hill.


Thank you Barb and your group for returning to enjoy another fishing trip with us. We were very pleased the weather held off until the end of the charter.

The Tuna have arrived!

The Tuna have arrived!

Tuna Charter

Saturday 29th April 2017


Today we headed out for a Tuna Charter. It was a little chilly and drizzly and the sea conditions were not perfect but that didn't stop us from having a great day fishing!

We were joined by Geoff with a group of mates from Beaufort area, along with Ray from Warrnambool.

The Tuna certainly turned it on for us as they came to the party (our lines) and kept everyone busy reeling them in! The boys all had a great time - bagging out on school sized Bluefin Tuna. We kept enough for what the men could use and the rest were returned to the ocean.


If you are keen to get amongst the Tuna Fishing action here in Port Fairy be sure to give Mary Ann a call to book your place on our next charter! ph: 0429983112

A Saturday spent fishing is a day well spent!

A Saturday spent fishing is a day well spent!

8hr Reef Fishing

22nd April 2017


On Saturday we were joined by Scott and his mates. Scott made great use of his Gift Voucher by bringing along 7 mates from the Ballarat area.

Once again it was calm seas with overcast skies, making for perfect and enjoyable fishing conditions.

The group had an enjoyable day catching lots of Snapper (up to 47cm), Rock Cod, Nannygai, Morwong, and a couple of Squid. A Mako surprised us by taking the wrong hook and escaped, but caused a bit of excitement non the less.

A delightful group went home very happy with a good feed of fish.


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