Non stop fishing action!

Non stop fishing action!

5hr Reef FishingTrip 

21st April 2017

On Friday with overcast skies and calm seas we headed out for a 5hr Reef Fishing Charter with a group of 11 who had travelled from Melbourne.

It turned out to be an action packed morning with non stop fishing action. There wasn't a moments rest for our crew who were kept busy unhooking fish and baiting the lines. Once again the Snapper were on the bite and every took home a few feeds of yummy Snapper!


Easter Saturday on the water did not disappoint!

Easter Saturday on the water did not disappoint!

15th April 2017

5 hour reef fishing x 2!


Easter Saturday saw many eager fisherpeople join us for what was a great day out on the water with flat seas and overcast skies making it ideal for fishing. We ran two 5hour reef fishing charters to cater for the groups.


Our morning group caught good feeds of Snapper and a couple of Flathead. 


While our afternoon group caught approx. 60 Snapper, with some up to 42cm, and a couple of Nannyagai.

Our Deckie Jason successfully landed his first small Mako, which he will thoroughly enjoy eating, along with the others he shared it with.


We call that a very successful day on the water and was the perfect way to spend a day on this easter long weekend.


A fitting end to the King Island Charter season!

A fitting end to the King Island Charter season!

7-11th April 2017


On the weekend we undertook our last trip to King Island for the season. We will resume King Island Adventure charters following winter.


This was a very special trip to King Island with one very keen lass, Charlotte fulfilling one of her dreams. Along with Captain Barrys' cousins John, Wayne and his wife Karin we left Port Fairy on Thursday evening and travelled to King Island overnight. The guests were able to sleep the journey away and make full use of a days fishing on Friday.


On Friday we set about trolling for Tuna and were pleased to have bagged out by the end of the day. Charlotte was very excited to land her first Tuna - weighing in at 32kg and the heaviest Tuna caught for the trip! John and Karin also landed their first Tuna.



Saturday the group enjoyed themselves looking around beautiful King Island in the hired car, while a group of King Island locals had a turn of fishing out from Grassy, catching Flathead, a Gummy along with big Sting fish (common Guarnard Perch) which was delectable for lunch.



Sunday was a wipeout because of 45 knot winds so the the crew had a fish in the harbour, catching mostly Jack Mackerel and Flathead. (Back here at home we battled through fierce winds, sideways rain and power outages and were thinking or Barry and the crew!)


Monday when the wind had eased off a little so we loaded the group aboard and headed out of the Harbour and up the East Coast to a very sheltered Lavinia Bay - as the winds were still quite strong. Up here we caught some very handy Flathead, lots of Couta, Mackerel and upon nightfall caught a good Gummy.

Tuesday on our return trip to Port Fairy, when seas had subsided we caught a couple more Tuna to the excitement of everyone. 


The very happy group departed from the Port Fairy Wharf with their eskies full of fish packed with ice, for their journies home.

Thank you for joining us for a great final trip of the season, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and the feed of fish.


A boat out of Water!

A boat out of Water!

Monday 27th March 2017

On Monday the Southern Explorer came out of the water and up the Slipway in Port Fairy. This is quite the sight to see, and usually attracts a little attention. The boat looks so much bigger when out of the water (and reminds me of the build that took place here on the farm - what a strange sight a large boat was in a paddock!)

This happens once a year so that checks can be made to the hull of the boat, repairs and maintenece can be carried out and the hull can be resprayed with anti-foul. Each year anti-foul (a thick black rubbery like paint) is painted onto the hull, and as the name suggests this prevents the hull from fouling up by preventing the growth of algae.

The timing of the boat going up the Slipway needs to be carefully timed, being a big boat the tide needs to be high to ensure she can get up onto the Slipway without any trouble, sometimes this means going up in the night time but this time round we were able to do it around midday.

This time round the prop was removed and some small repairs were made to it, now she looks as good as new!

On Wednesday the boat was off land and back into the water, ready for Charters and the year ahead!


A Great Day out on the Ocean!

A Great Day out on the Ocean!

8hr Reef Fishing Charter

18th March 2017


Steve was lucky enough to be gifted a Gift Voucher for Christmas from his lovely wife!

On Saturday he made good use of his voucher, getting together a group of his mates and heading out for an 8hr reef fishing charter off Port Fairy.

We encountered good seas for the day, and with the sun shining down on us and good company it made for a great day out.

The Flathead action was aplenty and a great day was had by all. Thanks for joining us Steve and co!

If you think a gift Voucher would be a great gift idea for someone you know, be sure to give Mary Ann a call to organise one! We have many voucher options available and they can be tailored to suit your needs and budget! ph: 0429 983 112 or 55983112

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