King Island Adventure 10th-14th February - Part 3

King Island Adventure 10th-14th February - Part 3

14th February 2017

We awoke early this morning for our final day and trip back to Port Fairy. We had stayed an extra day at King Island than originally planned due to bad weather.

We headed off early trolling the reefs for Kingfish. We did manage to get some good sized Salmon and hooked a very solid Kingfish but lost him at the boat when he slipped the hook. Very disapointing but thats fishing!

As we had to get home we couldn’t spend too much time persevering with the Kingfish hunt, so we'll try again next time, hopefully with a better outcome.

On the way home we trolled some lures and caught a very solid 26kg Blue Fin Tuna. This was a great end to what was a fantastic trip!



Future Trips

We have a few King Island trips booked in over the next month with no vacancies! However we are now taking bookings for our next available King Island Adventure Fishing Charter running from Friday7th-Sunday 10th April 2017. An expereience not to be missed.

Give MaryAnn a call on 0429983112 or 55983112 to secure your spot today!

More info on our King Island Adventure Trips can be found here

King Island Adventure 10th-14th February - Part 2

King Island Adventure 10th-14th February - Part 2

11th-13th February 2017

After another great meal at the Wild Harvest Restaurant and a good night’s sleep we awoke on Sunday morning and did a tour around the sights of the island in a prearranged hired car. The weather had turned nasty and it was too rough for fishing, with 35 knt winds. The strength of the wind was very apparent at Cape Wickham (most Northerly point of King Island) as we battled to stand upright.


We called into King Island Cheese and purchased our favourite cheeses.


On Monday we hopped back on the Southern Explorer and headed up the East Coast, fishing on the way. We caught even more Flathead and Couta along with some excellent sized Snapper.

In the evening we anchored at Boulder Point on the North side of the island in fairly settled waters, spending the night on the boat we also fished catching more Flathead and some Garfish. 


King Island Adventure 10th-14th February - Part 1

King Island Adventure 10th-14th February -  Part 1

10th - 11th February 2017

The excitement surrounding our maiden King Island adventure fishing trip was high and we couldn't wait to see what the trip would deliver!

Last Friday morning we started on a sea adventure to King Island, leaving the Port Fairy wharf at 4am. On board we had a group of keen fisherman and deckhands. For the trip to King Island we were greeted with mostly gentle seas making it a comfortable trip.


Along the way to King Island we did some Deep Sea Fishing landing some good sized Ocean Perch, Flying Gurnard and Jackass Morwong. We also landed a 7 Giller Shark which provided some excitement to all on board and was released after the photo was taken.


As we neared King Island we spotted a 2.5m Black Marlin leaping out of the water three times. We didn't have time to grab the camera unfortunately and couldn't quite believe what we were seeing as we all stood admiring the spectacle. The Black Marlin is a rare sighting for this part of the country! We didn't have time to try out some lures - and left this magnificent creature to continue on its way for another time!


We arrived at Grassy Harbour, at King Island at around 8pm. We headed onto the island and had a good night’s sleep at Waverider Lodge before we headed out fishing up the East Coast catching some good size Flathead (50 + cm )  and plenty of Couta for bait the next day.


Overnight Fishing Adventure

Overnight Fishing Adventure

28-29th January 2017


We had a very eventful Overnight trip on the weekend. Fishing the deeper reefs and out wide over the Continental Shelf we ended up with 10 different species of fish. We also managed to hook two big Makos with one spitting the hook and the other cutting the wire trace. The Mako did put on a good show for us, coming out of the water a couple of times, to the delight of all on board.


Overnight when trying for a Broadbill we ended up losing our baits to two Blue Shark which were released.


Species caught for the weekend were : Jackass Morwong, Nannygai,Flying Gurnard,Couta,Rock Cod,Gemfish,Snook.Flathead, Pink Ling, Silver Dory and Blue Shark.


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